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View Resource How to Grow Wisconsin Fast Plants

Part of the Fast Plants website, the "Grow" section offers complete instructions for preparing to grow, planting, tending, pollinating, and harvesting Wisconsin Fast Plants seeds. Instructions include text descriptions, photos, videos, and PDF instructions that can be downloaded, including a shopping list for buying your own planting mix and fertilizer. Whether you are looking to DIY your Fast...

View Resource WI Fast Stats App


View Resource Fast Plants Gizmos Simulation

Sign up for a free account on the Gizmo website ( for free access to two simulations that were collaboratively developed by the teams at Explore Learning and the Wisconsin Fast Plants Program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. These simulations replace those previously available on our website that were developed...

View Resource Agriscience Lesson 12: Creating a Wooly Booger

In this experiment, students will study the genetics of quantitatively inherited traits by examining the concepts behind a selective breeding program designed to encourage certain characteristics. Two populations of Wisconsin Fast Plants -very hairy and few to no hairs- will help them determine the heritability of the trait and the results of a selective selection. In the first part of the...

View Resource POSOH Cosmic Voyage Systems and Scale Poster

This is a printable poster resource developed by a collaboration of educators in the POSOH Project for teaching about systems and scale. This poster correlates with an excerpt from the video Cosmic Voyage about systems and scale, narrated by Morgan Freeman. A debrief discussion of that video excerpt in the context of "What is Air?" is supported by a PowerPoint. Then, those concepts are...